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FS2004 CTD When AI Aircraft Lands At Airport


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Hi there,


I have a weird issue in FS2004, I have an AI Aircraft, which when the wheels, touch the runway on landing at Munich Airport Germany, FS2004 crashes to desktop.

Does anyone know what could cause this ? a faulty texture File maybe ? Any help and info would be appreciated.





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Just a guess...


The aircraft contact points have an error, so that an apparently normal landing exceeds limits. For example, the point associated with the nose gear is coded as wingtip. Try to erase all the contact points, and replace them with some from a similar aircraft, and try to fly it like that.



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Hi hjwalter,


I was economical with the truth, I actually used the flyable Project Airbus A319, and tried to make it an AI Aircraft.

The reason being, the livery for the new smaller Cyprus Airways didn't display correctly in FS2004, that I downloaded and installed in the AI FAIB A319, and I couldn't find one by a different creator, for AI A319's in FS2004.


But the FS2004 Project A319 Cyprus Airways livery, did display correctly. I deleted the data in the Project A319's aircraft.cfg File, and then copy and pasted the data from the FAIB A319's aircraft.cfg File. And then used the FAIB_A319 .air File in place of the Project A319's .air File. I have used that method before, for another Flyable Aircraft in FS2004, that time because, I couldn't find an Air Italy livery for FS2004, for an AI Boeing 737-800 Max, so used a flyable TDS 737-800 Max, using the same method.


And that time everything worked properly including the landing, after minor alterations to the contact_points section. This time likewise the Project A319 flies perfectly, until it's wheels touch the runway, at airports on landing and then FS2004 CTD. I am not sure how to fix that issue, but I made another AI Traffic File, for the Cyprus Airways Summer 2018 AI Flightplan. Using an AI FAIB Airbus A320 using the last livery, from the old Cyprus Airways, just before it disbanded. Which I can accept using, sorry to cause confusion.



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I had a flyable aircraft I used as AI before, I think it was a Piaggio P180 Avanti, but whenever it was nearby everything was fine. But when it got distance and FS tried to unload it from the virtual world the sim would instantly crash. Also If I brought up traffic explorer and deleted it from the world that way I would also get the instant crash. In fact that is how I discovered the problem aircraft. I never did find out why it was causing the crashes but I just removed it from my AI traffic files and no problems since. Perhaps it is not so much the landing but as stated above maybe it is landing too hard and "crashing" and as FS unloads it from the sim it causes the CTD
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First of all it could be a problem with one of the touchdown effects but for me to test download and to then edit everything as you have done, is in my opinion just asking for problems with unpredictable results.


You should never use flyable aircraft as AI because these, in relation to their dedicated model files, which could also include certain animations, have far too many un-mipped and complex textures, which your graphics card must render, even when they are still out of your eye sight. The results are frame rate hits on a grand scale, especially when you have more of these "AIs'' flying around.


Good luck.


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