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Space Shuttle Altitude Hold Problem


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Hey everyone I wanted something different to add to my aircraft on FSX so I decided to download the Space Shuttle but I've noticed that It won't hold the altitude I've requested It to fly at, For example say I put In 10,000 feet It will go up to 40,000 feet & this is when autopilot & the altitude hold switches have been activated is there anything I could do to solve this issue as it dose fly well & I would like to have It on my FSX.


It's In the flightsim.com file Library & It's called atlantis-1.zip thanking you In advance.

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Weird things happen in FSX at high altitude, check this thread-





My U-2 (above) doesn't seem to want to go higher than about 45,000 ft.

I Slewed it up to 70,000 but it wouldn't stay there and began dropping like a stone in a flat stall, here it is dropping through 62,000 at 91 kts even though the throttle is at max.

Pushing the nose down to build up airspeed is no good because once you pull up to level flight again the speed drops and it stalls again.

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There are a lot of poorly coded flight models out there.

If you search the library here you'll find the SRX2012 which flies to 80,000+ ft when flown using real world SR-71 procedures.


Keep in mind Flight Simulator is an atmospheric flight engine. There are no rocket powered craft in FS, so when the air gets thin enough, there is no engine power.


If you want to fly into space and land again in the Space Shuttle, the *free* program Orbiter lets you take off, jettison the boosters, obtain Earth orbit 200 miles high (the SR-71 flies 16 miles high) dock the the ISS, repair and install modules to it, undock, flaming atmospheric re-entry, and land on authentic Shuttle runways around the world.

Not limited to that though. You can fly Russian rockets, Apollo to the Moon, land on Mars, Explore Jupiter's Moons, have fun with Sci-fi ships like the Firefly and Star Trek.

All in REAL space where there is no air and gravitational forces rule. You can use it to fly aircraft on Earth too with areas of photo-real scenery.





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As PV said, if you want to fly the Space Shuttle in a way that is believable or realistic, you're going to have to go with Orbiter Simulator. Its free and addons like Shuttle Fleet add a more realistic version of the Space Shuttle. FSX isn't really the place for flying the Space Shuttle.

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I can't answer your specific question about AltHold for this Space Shuttle, but I do have a tip.


I have made a "spaceflight" addon package, especially tailored (but not restricted) to this Atlantis addon by Bruce Fitzgerald.

You can download this freeware package from a.o. SimOuthouse, as file rcbsf-20.zip.


Short description:


FSX Gauges: Spaceflight V2.0


This freeware package adds new launch & spaceflight features to Bruce Fitzgerald's spaceshuttle Atlantis, but can be used for other spacecraft as well.


This is a new development in my line of "VTOL" gauges, which allows you to:

- Perform a fully automated launch procedure.

- Fly in space (anywhere above 100.000 ft), at max. FSX speed.

- Precision navigation & and docking to / landing on, space sceneries.

- And more ....



The README includes extensive installation and flying instructions.

Requires prior installation of Peter Dowson's FSUIPC (registered or un-registered), and Bruce Fitzgerald's freeware Atlantis-1.zip addon.

For FSX-Acceleration (or FSX-Gold) ONLY !!!!


NEW in V2.0:

- Full support for moving AI space-carriers/stations, using AICarriers2.

- Many improved details (see README)



As a sidenote:

The FSX flight model wasn't designed with spaceflight in mind, and I fully agree that there are better programs then FSX for it (like Orbiter).

However, with some limitations, and with this addon, spaceflight in FSX is really possible; with the obvious advantage (for FSX users) of using it in the full environment of FSX and all of it's addons.


If it's 'believeable'/'realistic' or not: I'll leave that qualification to the people using my addon .... : )



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And like Pvarn said, the 'Orbiter' space flight sim is a free download from here-




it's sensational and contains the Shuttle and other spacecraft.

PS-For a challenge, try to take the Orbiter's Shuttle into orbit from Canaveral using your eyeballs alone without looking at the instruments, I haven't managed it yet, it flops back into the atmosphere hundreds of miles downrange because I haven't got the velocity and trajectory angle just right..:)

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I have flown with autopilot on as high as 99,000 feet, and higher with ap (although without as much control.) I also made a space shuttle model, though I took a few liberties with it.

Spent way too much time using these sims...

FS 5.1, FS-98, FS-2000, FS-2002, FS-2004, FSX, Flight, FSW, P3Dv3, P3Dv4, MSFS

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