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One of a kind!


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Heyyyy Kimber! Glad to see you again!!! That is one awesome version of that aircraft. -Glenn

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Windows 10 Home 64-bit OS, (2nd Display) Dell 24" UltraSharp 1920x1200 TTF Monitor, CHProducts FlightYoke & RudderPedals, Logitech 3D Pro Extreme joystick

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Yes, I did Rfactor cars for a while, but the programs expires and you have to pay for it again, an't gon'a happen.


This plane was a person gift from Rick Piper, and I was told not to share it, ever!


Original paint scheme.




History lesson, there was one Chippie built on floats, it never flew, was certified, but never flew, was dismantled and standard gear



Hair loss, Memory loss and Money loss have been linked to the

use of Microsoft Filghtsimulator X!

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Love the pic...

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