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Texture blurs more each time I modify it.


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I do some minor modifications to textures, i.e. changing registration numbers, recoloring areas. On the Dreamwings Dash-8 Q200 and some SAAB 340 aircraft, it seems the more I open the file and modify, then close it, the blurrier it gets. I can do all my proposed edits on a test texture, then when I'm ready to do the final, open a new copy and do all at once, but is there something I may or may not be doing correctly to prevent this?


It never gets to where it is unusable, it just doesn't look good.


I've modified other textures that remain crisp and sharp no matter how many times I open or close it. Just having a little trouble with these and a few others.



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Make sure that you select a high color depth when saving.


In "Windows - Paint", select save as--bitmap--24bit (preferable over 256 color bitmap or lower.)


If working with "GIMP", see this:





If editing files with alpha channels, for example .dds files, I edit the textures first and save those bitmaps seperately. Then add the alphas later.


(to add the alpha channels I open a copy of the the original .dds texture. In Dxtbmp.

Then I select in Dxtbmp "Image--Load new image".

I select the edited .bmp I had saved as Image to load.

It is then visible in Dxtbmp with the correct alpha in Dxtbmp as well.

And I save from there. (save is enough, as you want the file type to be the same as that original .dds file that you just opened when you started.) No need for "save as--select filetype--etc."

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