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FSX - Flew to place no longer in existance-what fun


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All - FSX is getting long in the tooth but that is ok, I know how to work it. So using the C-17 III, flying up and down and across the country, midway, Hawaii and the like. So went looking for a new place to go, and starting at McGuire AFB, flew it up to Brunswick, NAS, which by the way was closed in 2009 under the base reduction act. In fact, using Sky Vector and searching for Military bases in Maine, well there are not any that show up in their list. The approach and landing are VFR, and I could not find any old approach plates to plug in some numbers to see what would happen.


As an aside, it's a matter of what you are used too, so I tried XP-11, the graphics are very nice, you can fly different planes, but all the buttons on my Joystick do different things than in FSX, and the learning curve might be more now than I want invest in time and money. I need to be a better pilot, especially planning my flights so I don't violate airspace rules, etc. I will get better at that, and then worry about upgrading to something new. Online or multiplayer does not do anything for me, so it's all a matter of getting better on my schedule.


Question, is their a rule about descending, when not in control via ATC. Now a days the computers control everything, so all the pilot has to do is enter the data of the flight in that and it will ascend and descend as required. The computers in most of the planes are disabled at least the ones I fly, so doing it that way won't help. So if their is a rule what is it? I know about the one 10,000 feet @ 250 KIAS for speed, at the 10 mile range, based on that, one might assume 1000 feet a minute until touch down. You can use the localizer even though not in touch with atc. Still researching what it is. FWIW-This came up when flying from Honolulu to Midway and although under ATC, they seem to wait until plane was at 120 NM from AP, before starting me down, had I had radio failures, I guess I would have used the 1000 foot a minute rule, since the distance was about right. FWIW2-The military keeps Henderson field manned, in the game, trees have been allowed to grow up at the end of both runways, so you have to avoid them, which means steep final approach and landing. Was interesting in C-17.

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