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Halloween Scary Party - Thriller in P3Dv4

Christian Bahr

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All a scary hello!


This year's Halloween festival is coming up. We take the opportunity to offer a small Halloween scenery for download. The name of the scenery is "Halloween Scary Party Frankenstein Castle". The place is the castle Frankenstein in Germany near Darmstadt. Halloween celebrations take place at the castle every year. So it was obvious to bring the thriller video people there. In order for the scenery to be really scary it just got the finishing touches. It is scheduled to be published tomorrow morning on the Bahrometrix download page in the early evening :-)


To the content of the scenery

- the castle Frankenstein was coupled out of FTX Germany South and was expanded with many scary details

- a group of animated dancers who have mutated into adult zombies in the last few days: D



Screenshots ...


The Castle




The Actors




The Location





A video was also made a few days ago:




All a happy Halloween party :)

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Mary Shelley, who wrote Frankenstein was inspired by two things:


1) Science at the time was experimenting with electricity to try and reanimate the dead. When they discovered limbs would respond to electric stimulation they thought perhaps electric its self could bring someone back to life.


There was a real abstinence of bodies to use and/or was outlawed to use. So scientists paid grave robbers for bodies. They were stored in barrels of alcohol. Latter the alcohol was sold off and that's where we get the term rot gut whisky.


2) During Mary Shelley's time there was a volcano that erupted causing the world to be colder than usual. Even during the Summer it was cold. So this too inspired Mary Shelley to write Frankenstein.


I have yet to watch the original Frankenstein. I've been meaning to buy all of the Universal Monsters movies, but they're flipping expensive. They sell the box set on eBay.




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The Frankenstein film is and remains a classic - because it reflects the time very well by the black and white film technology. A few days ago, the film was on public television and then was still running Frankenstein's bride. I like these old senders. They are still scary despite their age.


They were stored in barrels of alcohol. Latter the alcohol was sold off and that's where we get the term rot gut whisky.


You could also say: "Whiskey with a slight bouquet of corpse" lol

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Good day too!


The Halloween Special scenery is published and can now be downloaded, of course, the download barrier-free access - no registration is required to get to the download.


Halloween Party Castle Frankenstein


In the short term, we have not been able to create a "stand-alone" scenery, so for now the scenery will only work in conjunction with FTX Germany South from ORBX. For the ultimate scare effect, the Romereo Zombie from the Aerosoft Airport Avatars package is recommended.


Free Avatars from Simware and Aerosoft


Frank and I wish all forum members a scary but above all happy Halloween party. Have fun :-)



After installing the Aerosoft Airport Avatars, you can select the Romero Zombie via the P3Dv4 Vehicle menu. If you press the C key, then the zombie dances

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