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Hi all.


It's my first post in flightsim.com despite I'm visiting this web page daily since 2012.


I want to report an issue with an scenery.


Just downloaded and installed the scenery for La Araucania Airport, Chile, and the truck and cart vehicles float above the airport instead of being on the floor.


Sadly the scenery author didn't leave an email to report this issue.

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Welcome to the forums....


You don't say which scenery you are using and where you downloaded it from but I assume that you have downloaded it from here at FlightSim - a search shows two scenery for the subject airport -

la_araucania_scqp_-_fs9fsx.zip (for both FS2004 and FSX) and scqp.zip (for FS2004 only).


You can leave a comment about the issue by clicking on the Add Comment link situated under the description text. Hopefully the author will get back to you. But be aware you may not get a reply, especially with older sceneries as the author may no longer be active in the simming world...….




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Volador, this is a scenery elevation issue which often happens, and can affect AI aircraft and even buildings. The scenery was probably created to work with a particular terrain mesh which may be mentioned in the Read Me file. If you're not using any terrain mesh for Chile you should download and install one of them, which should fix the floating vehicles issue.

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Thanks Tim and Brian for your kind answers.

I'm very familiar with terrain mesh and this doesn't seems to be those kind of issues. Actually I have a mesh for Chile installed.

I forgot to point out the scenery's name, sorry. It's was downloaded here in flightsim.com and is a recent upload. The name is: la_araucania_scqp_chile_.zip


I will follow Brian's advice and leave a comment about the issue.


Thanks again for your support.



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