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Black preview window fs2004

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I've turned my monitor upside down, to hang it from the ceiling of the entertainment center. When I flip the screen to make it appear right-side-up, flight simulator has a problem. The preview screen in Create a Flight is black. Once I hit fly now, it seems to function perfectly. It's just the preview screen that's not working.


Any advice?

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I kinda had this problem when I first installed FS2004 into Windows 7. I think I resolved it by finding all the orphan .DLL modules in the modules folder and deleting them. I had to painstakingly check the properties of each .DLL and make sure I knew what each was for.


Could also be a graphics card setting.

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Are you using Win8?


If so, this is a known bug and the fix is to switch from Full Screen Mode to Windowed Mode by pressing Alt+Enter.



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