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The Lake District


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I love the English Lake District so in the footsteps of Alfred Wainwright and now using X-Plane's Aerolight 103 microlight over the next few years I am going to be writing guide books hopefully released on Steam in the near future. I have already written one but it is for FSX. Thanks to Laminar research for making X-Plane 11 much more user friendly it will now take over as the No.1 flightsim within the next few years.

There are 2 things that have made X-Plane my number 1 after over 20 years with Microsoft Flight Simulators. The main one is the use of Ortho Scenery which gives unparalleled quality (you can even see the shadows on the pebbles on the scree). Because of this clarity (magnification 18, I have got 19 as well which is even better but my computer is not good enough to handle it) we can fly but a few hundred feet above the ground and really get the majesty of these mountains. the second one is the release of the Aerolight 103 which allows us to fly low and slow.

I have now re-writing my first guide book Wainwright's First Week for X-Plane and using the Aerolight we re-trace Wainwright's first ever trip to the Lake District where he would spend the rest of his life writing his guide books which bring the Lake District to life.

I am selling my guide books only becaus I am a pensioner and need to buy books etc; and also to try and upgrade my computer otherwise I would just write them ,give them away and let everyone learn about the beautiful Lake District. I will keep you updated on my progress. I have include some fictional airfields strategically situated for our flights. The Ortho Scenery will be free but I haven't worked out with Steam/Dovetail Games how people can download the Ortho Scenery as it is quite large (around 60Gb! you have a price to pay for quality). All people will pay for is my book and my limited scenery.

Thanks to Marginal's FS2XPlane it has enabled me to to simply convert my FSX scenery (with quite afew modifications) to work with X-Plane.

I have also added a few screen shots.


1/ The North Eastern side of Skiddaw with a great view of Ullock Pike showing the quality of the Ortho Scenery

2/ Bowscales Tarn on bowscales Fell in the Far Northern Hills.

3/ Borrowdale Fictional Airstrip


If you would like a copy of my Ortho Scenery I can supply it on a non returnable USB stick for £20 including postage just email me


If have any questions or suggestions please fell free to email me - neil.birch@ntlworld.com




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