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Recommendations for regional turboprop airliner


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Hey everybody,


I am looking for your recommendations for a rather deeply modelled regional propeller or turboprop aircraft.

Now I now the Majestic Q400 is broadly considered top of this class, however I would be looking for something build a few years earlier (analogue gauges and so on). Something between a Dc-3 or Connie and a modern era glass cockpit plane so to speak.


Two planes I've been looking at are the Razbam Metroliner and the Just Flight Hs 748. Both of them look rather nice, but have mixed reviews.


As stated initially I really like deeply modelled planes, where everything in the cockpit is functional and you can fly basically by real world checklists. Don't care so much for gimmicks like modelled cabin loads of liveries and so on.


So thanks in advance for your suggestions!! ;)

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I personally like the Beechcraft B1900D myself. I have one that is pretty sophisticated, but it's been years since I tried flying it. I can't even remember who made it. I'll have to get on my desktop to check.


PMDG has a Jetstream I think it is. That might be worth looking into. https://www.precisionmanuals.com/pages/products/FSX/JS4100.html



Pretty damn sophisticated. I may have to buy this myself.

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