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"Scarlet Lady" Virgin B747...


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When I first starting flying the flight sim jetliners, never cared much for the 747! Too big, I hastily thought! It wasn't until later, I forced myself to fly them for awhile to get used to the size and how they handled. I now have all the default 747'S, plus 2 more 747-400's, 747-8i (nice bird) and the original 747-121, called "The City of Everett" the town where the Boeing plant is located and where the Inaugural flight took place! The 121 was in a bone yard somewhere when a Boeing historical group wanted to restore it, which I believe they did! Took a long time, due to the amount of money needed to restore, but it's somewhere on the Boeing Field (a section designated as Museum Boeing aircraft) out in Everett (Seattle), Washington.


I do love the way they fly. Their size takes some getting used to, but once you get used to them, they are a very docile aircraft to fly! A very strange feeling, something that large, when we all started out flying Cessna 150's or smaller, depending on when you started flying, RW or the adventures of flight simming!


Your "Scarlet Lady" really shows well. You did a nice job and a great presentation!


Thanks for sharing! Rick :cool:

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Thank You Rick, for your words. I have always had a 747 in my Hard drive, Posky planes were great with FS9, I had good frames which is what matters to me, since my machine is not a strong one ;)

Tried the Posky birds for the first time with FSX, and sadly the stuttering started....:(

So had to remove them.

This one flies beautifully, it may not be as complicated as other sims, but I'm not a complicated person either ;)

Love the DC-10 too, have a few repaints done for the Just Flight /CLS model too !

So here they are, custom interiors if anybody cares ;)


Next should be Continental Red Meatball colour scheme ! ;)






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