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FSX-SE: Help with default 747-400 fuel system


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Hello all:


Decided to take a leap and fly from Denver to Ireland today. All was going well until I lost all four engines not that far across the US. I discovered that fuel was only feeding from the left and left auxiliary tanks, and I have given up on finding a functional x-feed switch.


Does anyone know how to get fuel out of all the tanks??? I would appreciate any help!



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his must be something that is set in your startup flight.


To restore the original default flight:

close fsx,

find fsx.cfg file,

open it,


situation=[whatever it says]



close and save fsx.cfg file,

start fsx.



You find the fsx.cfg file in:

C:\Users\(YOUR USERNAME)\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX


And to see that file (and folder) you first need to:

open an explorer window,

click "Organise"

click "Folder and search options"

click the "View" -tab,

select "Show Hidden Folders And Files"

and de-select "Hide Extensions Of known File Names",

and click "OK".

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Thanks for the suggestion -- I think it might work. I still have no control over the fuel flow from the cockpit, but at least it is now emptying a center tank instead of the left/left auxiliary tanks. We'll see what happens when the center tank is empty. Hoping it will automatically use fuel from the outboard tanks.
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