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Freeware Aircraft Downloads, Landing Lights an Issue?


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In general, why is it, that freeware aircraft can often be nice daytime flyers, but, when the sun goes down, you flip the switch for your landing, and all remains dark! Seems like developers really try to get it right, and most times they do, but in many cases, their efforts "fall short" by the landing lights not working! I continue to see a lights section in their aircraft configs, but landing lights either don't work at all, or they are so dim, you couldn't see what time it is on your wrist watch?


Doesn't seem right for you to have to keep track of your aircraft inventory according to which aircraft can be flown at certain hours of the day! I have a few aircraft that I don't want to delete from my inventory, as they make perfect aircraft in daytime hours, but, can not be counted on to do the job after dark!


Just my thoughts, and I am just curious to what others' thoughts on this might be!



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Too broad, I guess the question could be too broad, that is why I said, "In general......................."

I have 2 Boeing 767-300's, both AFS Design, I do not have file names for either, as I did not direct my question as to a specific aircraft!


Both of you have been doing this longer than I have, and I am sure this does not come as something new to either of you! Sorry I even asked! Have a nice day and just have the thread cancelled if you like!


Rick :rolleyes:

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Rick, it wasn't a bad question, but one that would only give you speculation as answers. Things like this need to be looked at in order to be as accurate as possible and maybe even provide a fix.

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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