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FSX stopped working-TPA and MCO


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I load a plane at TPA and MCO and after about a minute, the window-"microsoft flight simulator X has stopped working". I have flown to TPA and i know that there are not many United or American planes (I have UT2 and i put in my planes to redo UAL and AA fleets for the new liveries so i get this window at UAL or AA hubs). Any ideas to why this doesn't work?


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I assume "won't work" is FS crashes when you fly near these two locations.


If the sim crashes after changing or adding AI traffic, then it's the fault of the traffic.

Turn AI off and fly there. No crash = bad traffic (conflicts, broken AI planes, etc.)


If you fly there with no AI and FS crashes, then it's the fault of the scenery.


If you fly there in default scenery and no AI and crashes, then your graphics options settings are too high or you have a bad tweak in the CFG file.



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