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Any payware aircraft thats not demanding?


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Dont have a good PC but want to play FSX with more complex aircraft than the default.


I have 6 GB of RAM which is OK, but what really brings it down is the 2.8 GHZ dual core processor.


I am looking for just jetliners (a320, a330, a340, 737, 787, 747, a350, a380, 777) anything like that

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I just bought the Aerosim 787 Dreamliner today, and after a bit of tweaking to my tastes it's just what I need right now. The gauges are a lot more sophisticated than anyone gives them credit for, even though you mostly click or mousewheel over the displayed numbers instead of the control knobs on the panel. A bit expensive at $49, but it's a perfect balance between the freeware TDS 787 (no VC) and payware AFS Design 787 at $25 (very poor quality) or the payware QualityWings 787 (study level sim) at $69.95.

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Have a look at the JustFlight F-Lite range - see HERE


Most of products run well on low end rigs, most are visually good and, whilst being more complex than default FSX models, they are not as demanding as more complex models from the likes of Aerosoft, QualityWings etc.


I own a few of them and whilst I prefer more complex aircraft I often return to them for some light entertainment - especially the Airbus Collection: Long Haul product - this has the passenger versions of the A330-200/300 and A340-200/300 models. There is an add on pack that adds the cargo and multi-role tanker variants...….




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Just an idea, there are tons of free jetliners that blow the default planes away. 1 of my favs is the ifdg MD-11. Go into the file search and start looking for them, download a few and try them out.

Happy :pilot: Flyin...



peanut21 - I agree with what amberdog1 has said above, there are some very nice jetliner downloads out there! Also, consider, building your own from a site called HJG (Historical Jetliners Group). It's a great site, gives you the chance to put together your own aircraft with personal preferences! Don't be intimidated by the process; once you build one, you can throw together a jetliner in a matter of a few minutes. Here is one of the first I put together and is one of my favorite to fly:






You'll have fun in the process, and you will be saving a bunch of money!


Rick :cool:

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