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FSX A320 Addon Lighting trouble


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Well, on a whim, I Google searched and found one download for an A320 Allegiant Airlines. This was the [lights] section.



light.0=4, 44.41, 0.00, 3.50, fx_vclighth

light.1= 8, 13.500000, -18.95, -5.125, fx_SF_Engine

light.2= 8, 13.500000, 18.95, -5.125, fx_SF_Engine


I am wondering if the uploader envisioned the nav/beacon lights were in the model?? I'll try it and see. Maybe hitting the L key will turn them on??


I was able to get working beacon lights using my A319 [lights] section but no nav lights.


This is probably what yours looks like?


A320 no nav beacon lites.JPG

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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