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Aviation Branding Power in Custom Models

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Aviation Branding Power in Custom Models


SAN DIMAS, California - September 17, 2018 — MODELWORKS DIRECT is the designer and creator of hand-made models of ships, cars, and aircrafts built from scratch by expert craftsmen, model-builders, and fabricators.


Dubbed as the ONLY Owner-Operated builders with actual hands-on experience in the model fabrication industry, MODELWORKS DIRECT produces custom models MADE EXACTLY according to customer specifications; with models as compact as 6 inches, to a gigantic 60 feet, with the help of its sister company, Fiberworks (http://www.fiberglass.com.ph).


The company operates under a competitive team of architects, fabricators, and builders. Their senior partners have well over 40+ years in model fabrication, or general fabrication.


MODELWORKS DIRECT recently announced that they are introducing branding options for businesses and individuals. Whether the brand is in the automotive, maritime, military or aviation industry or is a corporation, collector or enthusiast, they can craft custom models of any size, from desktop to full scale.


They’ve completed a branded vehicle - a complete replica of the Pitt Special acrobatic aircraft sponsored by EPIC Fuels. One of the biggest aviation news in the third quarter of the year is BBA Aviation acquiring EPIC Fuels. The momentous acquisition called for EPIC Fuels to have 10 custom made Pitt Special Aircrafts specifically made for the BBA Aviation Executives. Take a look at how the aircraft models were created by MODELWORKS DIRECT here.


“Our team can compete with the largest corporations in the industry because of low overhead and 50 years of combined expertise,” remarked Herman Bongco, Senior Partner of MODELWORKS DIRECT. The company can serve as a vehicle for exposing the corporate brand with target audiences, and in good fashion.


Top aircrafts


Aviation branding power can be further solidified by having aircraft models used in trade shows, promotional displays, promotional giveaways, awards events, and many more.


There have been many online contests which gave away some precious aircraft prizes like: Qatar Airways Airbus A380 model, Sparkly KLM Embraer 190 model, and All Nippon Airways Star-Wars themed R2D2 787-9 model.




Of course, the “model” to be built isn’t limited to these. For instance, airline companies may opt to have one built, taking into consideration, the fleet they use for their service, and if it’s part of the top commercial aircrafts which revolutionized the aviation industry such as:


Boeing 777 (used by almost the big guns in commercial aviation)

Boeing 747 (a plane with a good design, with a good safety record)

Airbus A380 (called a “gentle giant” with high class equipment)

Boeing 737 (one of the safest, and strongest aircrafts, which continuously improves over the past 45 years)

Concorde (fastest commercial plane)

Boeing 787 (well designed plane, with a cutting-edge technology)

Airbus A330 (good aircraft which is also fuel efficient)

Boeing 767 (mid-sized, comfortable jet)

Douglas DC-3 (a cool, but comfortable plane)

McDonnell Douglas DC-10 (the “first jumbo plane” with less than 4 engines)

Airbus A350 (wider, more comfortable, and luxurious plane)



There’s no doubt these would look just as stunning as a custom model. “We are assuring that our customers will receive exactly what they are looking for, as we do not accept anything less than perfection,” Bongco said.



For more information about custom aircraft models, please visit: http://www.modelworksdirect.com


ModelWorks Direct

462 Borrego Court Suite B San Dimas CA 91773


Herman Bongco

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