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camera ???

skip d

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I have P3dv4.3 on Win7 Home. I recently bought JF Airliner HS-748. I haven't tried to fly it yet because I'm trying to figure out how(if possible) to get some of the views onto buttons on my Saitek Yoke and TQ.

What I mean by "views" are a few of the necessary flight areas. Overhead Panel;Autopilot;Radio Panel...etc. I know that using "A" will go through the areas,but I'd like to be able to choose them as needed.

These areas are usually available in most of the default aircraft in the panel.cfg under [Window Titles] ...Window00=GPS.

As a matter of fact...that is the ONLY Window Title that comes with the HS-748.

I see p3d has a feature called "Create a camera" but I am not tech enough to figure it out. Is that a possible way to get areas to place on the joystick buttons ???

Any help appreciated.

Skip d

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I Don't have p3d.


In fsx it goes:


-Find the aircraft.cfg file for that aircraft.

-Make a backup of it just in case.

-In the aircraft.cfg file, find the views sections.

-To the ones you need add a line


(or 6, 7, 8 or 9).

-Be aware that numbers 1,2,3 and 4 are already assigned to default views like vc view, outside view, etc. 1,2,3,4 are views in the cameras.cfg file, not in the aircraft.cfg file.


(don't use numbers above 9 either).



Close and save the aircraft.cfg file.



-Start fsx.

Go to settings--controls--buttons/keys.

-your views are now listed as: View camera 5 (select).

And (6, 7, 8, 9) as you saved them.

Assign keys to these Events.


Hotkeyselect=5 --will match with the-- "View camera 5 (select)" event.



*Thats in FSX. No idea if that works the same in p3d though.


*You may have also gotten interested in the cameras.cfg file. I have no idea where it is in p3d.

(and I don't think you'll need it here.)

I do know it's VERY important to have a backup of that original file.

Don't forget to make one.

(there is only one cameras.cfg file on the system.)


even though thats for FSX i hope that helps a little.

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