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Livrot Mic Command - speech recognizer and macro tool


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Hi guys and girls,


I would like to bring to your attention this new speech recognizer with immersion staggering features like synonyms, variables and audio feedback programs.


It is a capable speech and hotkey controlled macro tool at the same time (mouse move / click + keyboard).


The freeware version might be quite sufficient with the right FSX settings.

Do not hesitate to ask for features or to criticize what you dislike about it.


Looking forward to mutual support from and to the FSX community.





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Thank you for being interested in my application.


Many new features have been implemented since the last post. (see the support forum / news on livrot.com for more information)


By using variables in speech phrases you can use real communication phrases with your actual callsign, the tower names for the flight, adopt the greeting to the time of day ('good morning', 'good afternoon', ...)


The actual replacement word(s) for the variable can be changed using special speech commands without leaving the cockpit.






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a new Version with many additional features is avaialable now:


V1.150130 released:

  • New feature: macro editor with many extras
  • New feature: macro testing with breakpoints
  • New feature: macro converter and scaler
  • Simplified update procedure:
    If asked 'Did you make a backup?' just click 'YES' and browse to the license key backup.
    LMC will copy the license to the apps folder for you.
  • Command editor: only the paste hotkey demands a focused item in the command list (if not a message is being shown now)
    all other functions no longer need the focus to be set.
    Previously the cut/copy/paste/delete functions did nothing without a command being focused. Fixed.
  • Synonym show / hide and synonym display now turn on synonym enable automatically but with a message box for the user
  • '?' tooltips rewritten on the 'synonyms' and 'variables' tab
  • Temporary macro recorder: wrong event types have been selected for temp mouse / keyboard recording. Fixed.
  • The 'record' button did record the last mouse click / keypress when recording and clicking on it to stop. Fixed.
  • Loading a profile with macro commands in the free version did not set a command type.
    Changed. Now the macro is translated to plain text.
  • Using 'Load Cmd' did not set the hotkey of the selected command. Fixed.
  • While editing a macro command and clicking 'New' to create a new command showed a plain text comand with macro delay.
  • Tooltip of the delay slider updated.


The price is about to rise by 1 euro weekly over the next months.

Thanks for your support!



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Version V1.150503 released:





new app design created: editor, log, settings now have their own window.

new command structure: all commands are now macro commands


- removed 'plain text' commands and 'open file commands'

( old profiles will be converted automatically upon loading )


data system created:

- local data (named, useable inside of one macro)

- global data (named, useable inside all macros)

- constant data (named, unchangeable but read / useable inside all macros)

- fixed values


data types created:

- bool

- byte

- int

- double

- string

- file

- clipboard

these data types are all nullable - can be assigned / unassigned

a lot of conversion from one data type to another are possible

all data contents are saved together with the profile

all data can have an initial value to be used at program start

a large range of actions upon these data types has been created, too:


macro event builder created:

easily manipulate the data types by building macro events.

instructions how to build the event are always displayed.

conditional brackets and loops (if / while) are also be easily created.


new macro actions created:

- open file (with argument, working directory as parameters)

- kill process (name, machine name)

- restart this macro

- delay this macro

- stop this macro

- stop this macro and start another macro (phrase)

- ask user (question) result bool

- change response text for this run

- compare and manipulate files / directories

- get system clipboard to a clipboard variable

- set system clipboard from a clipboard variable


- data control window created:

- see and manipulate data while the speech recogniser is running.

- displays clipboard contents, too (image, text, file drop list)

- with a simple text editor for text- / file drop list - clipboards



- columns can now be shown / hidden

- columns can now be moved to another position

- columns size and position are now saved with the profile

- more columns created (confidence / weight / category / name / variables)


commands category created: just enter a category or choose from existing categorys in the drop down list and sort your commandlist by category

settings / main: new option: reset data upon loading

settings / log: save log / save log as button crashed. fixed.

editor / single: new layout

editor / multi edit: other columns content can now be inserted in the replacement texts (see 'WITH' questionmark)

editor / variables: renamed to 'placeholder'

editor / language: moved into the context menu (right click on the commandlist and choose 'convert character language')


LMC can now be given a profile as command parameter. Example: Livrot_MicCommand.exe C:\work.xml


more development speed achieved by dropping the freeware version.

the app can now be used in three ways:


- without license (freeware mode)

- mouse macro output is ignored

- keyboard CTRL and ALT keys are ignored


- with a temporary license (enter your username and password from livrot.com before every use to obtain a temporary license from livrot.com)

- after 30 minutes mouse macro output is ignored

- after 1 hour keyboard CTRL and ALT keys are ignored


- with a full license

- just enter your username and password from livrot.com at first program start and instantly receive a full license for your machine.

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Hello everyone,


sorry to not have informed you about the versions released in February and August 2016.


The good news is: a new version has been released last week: V1.170408


LMC now also supports the Microsoft speech platform 11 - 26 languages are available for speech recognition, now.


The recognizer of that platform needs no training, as it was designed for telephone servers. Recognition results are very good, too.


The hotkey system has been reworked and improved for WIN 8 and 10 compatibility.


The English manual has been rewritten and also was translated into german.


Post your livrot.com account name here and I upgrade your account to 'owner' state for free.








Torvil Stegmann

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