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Leaving Moscow: C-47 Russian Army (FSX)


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Due to the "Lend & Lease Act" from March 11th. 1941 lots of Military equipment was sent to mainly European countries to defend themselves. This "left-over" Russian Army C-47 is leaving Moscow Sheremetyevo.


FSX Gold Edition incl. Acceleration

Freeware C-47 V3.15 By Manfred Jahn and Team

Freeware Russian repaint

Freeware Drzewiecki Sheremetyevo Demo

Freeware Drzewiecki grass textures

HDE-V2 clouds


Please click on the pics to enlarge
























Thanks very much for looking! :)


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So......the famous and questionably handsome Russian prisoner steals an aircraft and makes his escape from Siberia?? He managed to take some great pictures of it!:D


They probably told him, "Just take the plane and just get the h%*& out of here and don't come back!" Like a "tick on a dog!"


Rick :cool:


Oh, and if I'm not mistaken, the plane that brought him to Russia looked like it might have been stolen from Russia, too?

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Hey! I believed our Great Aviator story with Russian militia had been settled -- by the way through a shameful denunciation -- No, it's likely a other story, or our heroe has meddled into stories of varied branches of the local secret service. And thence, I don't meddle into myself! :):):)
Gérard Guichard, Dijon, Burgundy, France. i5 Intel processor, 4 Go of Ram, Nvidia GeForce 920MX, DirectX 12.0, and FSX Gold Edition with SP1, SP2. My personal flightsim website is at http://flightlessons.6te.net
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I'm a well known honest businessman! There was a minor mistake at Sokol airport about a small bar-bill but it's all settled now! :mad:

Thanks very much Zippy :) Rick: I didn't steal anything, they forgot to return it after the war so they handed it over to me.:rolleyes: I mean, I borrowed it. Nothing wrong. Edit: I forgot to mention that this beautiful repaint is made by Matt Levi!

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