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Gerray & callibration


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Hi fellow simmers


I have a joystick ( Saitek X52) and a yoke ( CH Product) Flight sim both plugged into my computer


Is it possible to have both plugged in via USB ports and have them working properly ??


Is it possible to callibrate each one while both are connected ?


FYI: i use the joystick for flying helicopters and the yoke for flying solid wing aircrafts.


Hoping for replies, thank you


Gerray ;)

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FS will only use one controller at a time but you can have have them both plugged in.


Use the the controller program for each outside FSX to calibrate them.

Choose the controller you want for the flight inside FSX.



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I have a yoke and pedals in one USB. I don't keep my joystick connected any more.


However, I do occasionally plug the stick in for flying gliders, microlights and aircraft with stick controls.


Both controllers work fine together in FSX. In fact, I cold keep them plugged in all of the time, but as I only use the stick occasionally, I put it away to keep a tidier desk.




PS. You don't need to put your name in the title of every thread you start.

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