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onedrive and sharing files


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hello Folks, im wondering about onedrive.


i run a network with fsx se and since i upgraded to w10, nothing but problems in getting files shared and so forth.


Im hearing some good things about onedrive,


Can i use ondrive to share files between computers, meaning having FSX on one machine, and PRO ATC , Activesky on another.


The same way you share files the usual way. right now w10 seems a little weird in how to save files. in fact i had to do a go around for the files to even show up.


i have never had this problem before with just sharing simple files. I have done just about everything i know and advice from other simmers.

Once i upgraded to w10 1803 my nightmare started, and i dont know about rolling back to what ever was before that.


Right now folks im down for the count.


My system. server 6800k, 1080 titan vid card, 32 gig ram, client 3800, 290 gtx vid, 16gig ram. all i want to is to be able to see both coms files in both directions.


So with that said and a last resort how does onedrive work. will it do the same as sharing files between coms.


So the main question is will Onedrive work in that way.



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To have fsx addons like activesky running on a second pc while playing fsx on the first, you need to connect the pc's like in a home-network.


Well Sir, That has been my problem from the start, i have files saved on both sides , but one side will not see the other.



On the Main Server running FSX when i click network, i can see my server name (Wolverine) and the client name (Milkcrate). I can click on Wolverine and it will open all files shared. But when i click on Milkcrate i get this error.


Network Error


Windows cannot access \\Milkcrate2


Check for spelling of the name. Otherwise there might be a problem with your network. To


try to identify and resolve network problems, click Diagnose.




On the client machine(milkcrate) when i click network Wolverine and milkcrate will appear and i can go into both of them with no problems.


The FDPHost fixed that problem of not seeing any files on any computer, it just did not correct the problem with the server not opening milkcrate.


All my problems started with the upgrade to W10.


So i need a fix to get to my client from the server and not the other way around.


That is why i ask about Onedrive. I have been at this for a week now and im really wanting to get back to flying.



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