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Cold Temp in the Summer 2018


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The so-called Real World Weather (updated) has been 50-90% broken since the day the sim was released. MS and Jeppeson stopped updating the weather servers soon after FSX was released.

There are a couple freeware online weather servers like FSrealWX.


The more picky you are that the weather is always what you see outside, detailed and immersive, there is really no alternative to Active Sky from HiFi Simulations. Yes, I told you what you didn't want to hear.


The "Real World (Static)" option starts with whatever weather the plane loads with and randomly morphs the weather over time. There is no "real" component, just always changing. FSX is a 12 year old program. Something that old no longer supported by the developer is going to have some issues you cannot solve without some additional effort or expenditure.


2 carrot salad, 10.41 liter bucket, electric doorbell, 17 inch fan, 12X14, 85 Dbm
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Default FSX (Deluxe with Acceleration) is giving me snow in London in Aug 48 degrees F on Long Island 30 Degrees in Boise. Is there any suggestions (other than buying add on Weather) on what to do to remedy this?


Thanks SAW


you can manually set the weather.

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Yes, I told you what you didn't want to hear.


He might not have wanted to hear it, but it's good advice nonetheless. AS16 is some of the best money I've ever spent in flight simming. It blows Rex's weather out of the water, and Rex itself is really good compared to the default.


At 25 bucks, it's less than a Carenado plane, and much more realistic. ;)

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