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Trouble reinstalling FSX Acceleration

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I have tried three times to install FSX Acceleration, the method I used was as follows


Install FSX into D:\1FSX


Start FSX and say no to Activation

Run FSX and fly a plane for a couple of minutes then exit


Run FSX and activate and fly again then exit


Install Acceleration


Start FSX and get "an unexpected error is preventing activation".


FSX seem to run okay but when I try to restart it I get the message again

I also get a scripting error that eventually goes away.


See the attached for the exact message.


I tried to run the Activate.exe in the FSX root folder but nothing happened,

also I do not have any Compatibility options checked.


Any ideas on how to get through this.


I would appreciate any advice or comments.







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After you have installed the Acceleration disk and got this error, did you try the PartMgr trick ??

That solved the same problem for many people (including me).



Just search for threads with this error code, for full explanation.


But the basics is:

- Exit FSX-Accel after this error.

- In the Windows Registry, change a value "partmgr" into "PartMgr" (note both capital letters)

- Start FSX-Accel again, and now enter the Activation code again.



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Hello Daniel,


As Rob states above you need to correct a key in windows registry, information below will describe the method.

You may find the content of the below links useful to activate Acceleration pack, putting into the Windows Registry the PartMgr entry as shown, this will also clear the error Code: 1-180004005.





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