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Sids and Stars using Skyvector


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I've having some problems trying to learn how to do flight planning with Sids and Stars using SkyVector . I have a payware plane with Navigraph support and have installed the current airac 1809. I selected a route KDCA TO KPHL using the DOCTR4 DQO route. I was able to find the Sid ok but I had trouble finding the Star for KPHL. I finally stumbled onto it but I am finding it difficult to find the right Sid and Star charts . I assume the Sid is the first waypoint on the route and the last waypoint is the Star. However, I often can't find a chart that matches the waypoint.


I'm not new to simming but I am a noob when it comes to Sids and Stars. Any help would be appreciated.

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There is no STAR on that route. After crossing the Dupont VOR (if not before) you would be following ATC vectors to final.


If I may make a suggestion. Try a longer flight, 100 nm is pretty short to need a SID and a STAR.


Look here to see how the pros do it- https://flightaware.com/statistics/ifr-route/



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