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Aerosoft's new P3D Airbus released


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As per the title, Aerosoft's new 'Bus for P3D 4.3 onwards (not compatible with earlier P3D versions) was released today. Initially it's only the A318 and 319 available for download, but you can pay for the bundle which gives you the 320 and 321 included and available later (which is the option I went for, since it's really the 321 which interests me mostly, so that was about 80 Euros, which works out at 20 quid per variant when the 320 and 321 show up, so whilst it is a bit cheeky of Aerosoft to kind of force early adopters to get the far less popular 318/319 they'd probably have passed on, it's not extortionate). A318/319 is an 847 Mb download.


Full features are listed on the Aerosoft product page of course, so I won't bother sticking them here, but one interesting feature is that it is listed as being a 'Tier 1 product for PMDG Global Flight Operations', which might give it an edge over the FSL 'Bus in terms of ACARS realism, since there's not exactly any love lost between FSL and PMDG. Other features to note are the inclusion of FS2Crew Runway Awareness and Advisory System, dynamic lighting done by RealLight TFDi Design and rain and rain repellent effects using TrueGlass (also TFDi Design).

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