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AI Packages?


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I would like to add AI planes to my P3dV4.3...Is there a site that provides complete packages of AI that can simply be added as a total package (traffic files, airplanes etc) to the simulator without one having to compile routes and so on? Thanks for your advice!
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Depends on what you are after...…


It seems that most FSX AI models, both freeware and payware, will work with P3D - some other options to consider...….


Civil Airline/GA then JustFlight's Traffic global (payeare)maybe meet your needs - see HERE - its at the early access stage at the moment so is still under development. It has no military AI yet but I suspect that it will get it at some stage as their Traffic 360 product (which global is basically replacing) has such traffic.


Military - Military AI Works - better known as MAIW see HERE - Whilst the majority of the packages offered are FS2004, many work fine in FSX and, therefore, may work in P3D. In fact, over the last few months, the MAIW team have been converting stuff into FSX (making it easier to integrate into that sim) and also for use in P3D. Note, you can freely browse the website but to download stuff you will need to register - its free to do so


See also HERE, HERE and HERE for some other options and general info




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