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Sunderland won't take off from water


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I downloaded and installed Stuart Green's Sunderland flying boat, sg_sund.zip.


Trying to take off from water off Meigs, the aircraft fails to develop speed of over 28 mph and therefore cannot take off...


Any ideas how this could be fixed please?


Nick, Athens, Greece

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1. Try lowering your fuel load until the plane takes off.


2. Try loading the default Cessna at Sea Tac Flight, then change to the Sunderland and use Go To Airport to get to the water airport, then try to take off.


3. Make sure your aircraft is at maximum RPM by pressing Ctrl F4 before taking off.

Tom Gibson


CalClassic Propliner Page: http://www.calclassic.com

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The ASI in the sunderland panel does not seem to work properly. I swapped the panel for the one used in the JBK sandringham and also swapped the AP because I do not like the one used ( default Sperry ) by the sandringham.


The Sunderland will unstick at about 110kts using one notch of flap.

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I fixed it by giving it the airfile of hythe_v10.zip--Jens B. Kristensen's Hythe Flying Boat, which is a civil version of the Sunderland.


Its readme says: "The Short Hythe was a civil conversion of the Short Sunderland III

patrol flying boat of WW2 fame".


Now all works like a charm.:):)

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