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ATC Altimeter Problem

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I have a problem while doing an ifr flight with the atc. When i tell my altitude well is not the same as the altimeter.


For exemple, my altitude is 2000 but i well tell the atc that i am at 6100 climbing to 7000. i already tried the b button for the altimeter but nothing.


Thank you

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I have already replied to this question over at the AVSIM site. Once again, go through your settings and make sure you are using feet VS Meters, like il88pp also suggests. If you are flying in a 3rd party aircraft, then don't be looking at the Rad Alt.

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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What aircraft are you using?


In FSX the global transition altitude is 18,000. So once you get to 18,100, press the B key.


If you are below that and ATC says one thing, yet your cockpit says another, then it's either in meters or there is a fault in the gauge.


There is also a radar altimeter gauge. It usually kicks in at around 2,500 feet and below. So if you are at 2,000 feet above ground which is called AGL (Above Ground Level) then it will read 2,000 feet. With MSL (Mean Sea Level) this is calibrated by the altimeter setting and is not height above ground but rather from the sea. I don't know the specifics. But basically if the local pressure happens to be 29.82 then all aircraft use that or near that +/- a few millibars and thus all aircraft stay at the height they are assigned.


If you fly over the ocean you'll notice that the calibration of the altimeter coincides with the radar altitude.

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