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Emerging from under the boulder


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Hello everyone!


I'm Olivier from Belgium, I'm a long time flight sim fan and have spent the last 15 years or so playing them... in offline solo mode, since I quickly got a job that demanded a lot of mobility. Thus, I bought a laptop on which I play online games while my old PC stayed at my parents' house after I moved out.

I kept it working and upgrade it regularily, and use it to play pretty much only FSX, Lock On and Il-2 Sturmovik 1946 whenever I come back to see my family.

Apart from that, I work in real estate, I'm not a pilot or anything : I was lucky enough to be born with terrible eyesight. Of course, I enjoy flying at every occasion, but I don't pilot the planes or helos myself. Plus, I've spent years in Eastern Europe and got to fly on lots of cool Soviet dinosaurs, both fixed and rotary wing.


Anyways, now I've discovered the community, and I can't wait to learn about everything that is normal for you but that I never heard about! :pilot:

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