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AI Flight Planner Question


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Good day,

It's been about 8 years since I messed around with editing my traffic files, so at this point, nothing is as intuitive as it used to be for me.

I am interested in updating some items - need to swap out USAir with American planes. Need to do the same with Continental & United, and Delta and Northwest.

I have plenty of planes for American/United/Delta, so need to swap the right planes into exiting flights in my traffic file. (It's not urgent to update the flight plans to current day, just swapping the correct aircraft in for the defunct airlines using my current traffic files).

Is this something that the well respected AI Flight Planner utility can assist with? Or, are there other suggestions that would help me accomplish this?

Not afraid to put in the time, just looking for the best method.

Down the road, will look to add in new AI planes with the newer liveries, but want to accomplish the above as a first goal.


Thanks very much ahead of time for all suggestions and advice :)


Neil :cool:

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