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London city or Heathrow it may be summer but it doth snow.


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Until a few months ago I used a weather program called FsrealWx Pro.

This was a decent add-on (and free to boot) ,but since I bought a new PC i no longer have the install program .All attempts to to register at the FSrealWX site and redownload it have failed (The site seems to have been closed for months ,but the older versions of the FsrealWx do appear? To be available.)

Anyway provided i would not be doing anything illegal or dodgy in some way could a user here on site send me a copy ( if that is possible to do?)



I have been using the live weather option within Fs9 itself ,but this can be problematic ie horrendous wind speed variations with accompanying radical changes in aircraft speed as well ,which often results in being hurled around the sky in a most disconcerting manner . The only way I can use Fs9s own weather is to deselect the 'download winds aloft option' which makes it somewhat bland.

I used to use Asky 6.5 but that is no longer supported.

Anyway the short of it is can a copy of. FsrealWx be sent to me (above board and not infringing any thing legal or otherwise etc ?)

If not then it's a case of continuing with Fs9s inbuilt live weather downloads ,but with the issues described above AND! Despite it now being Summer its always snowing at Heathrow or London city after the downloading the Jepperson weather . It's now June of course.

UK summers whilst not always being the scorchiost do not usually involve snow.


PS I don't really want to buy a new weather program at this time ,The new PC cost a fair chunk of loot and I simply cannot justify anymore expense.


Thanks Andrew

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Thanks All

I have the lite version and will give it a try.

The version I had before was the Pro version which gave the impression of being payware ,but was actually free , but that doesn't matter I am grateful to try something new.

If I can reacquaint myself with its workings (it looks a little like the pro version)I will try it tonight and see if Heathrow is still experiencing snowy conditions in Winter.




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Hello All

I have the program up and running.

I am doing what I always do in these circumstances ie trying to work out how to use the program correctly in as short a time as possible....rushing.

Anyway initial view is that as described it takes a little time to load the weather, (but not that bad)and moving my aircraft to Heathrow I see that unlike the live weather within fs9 itself there is no snow to be seen which is good !

I see there are options 'Set Global WX' and 'Set All WX' if I could have some clarity as to what these two functions do I would appreciate it.

Other than that it seems to be fairly intuitive (I hope :))

will be flying soon and will let you know what occurs .


Thanks Andy

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I don't use either of those options. Press the Start button, let it do its thing, and fly.


Your right Tom.That is what I did and the program ( I have only used it on one flight so far ) but it performed well .

No snow to report at Heathrow , southern UK or Europe(It is June after all). I have winds aloft now as well,but without the extremes that the default Fs9 live weather produces on most flights.

Thanks for your help Tom.




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