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IVAP - DLL Hoster stop working


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I am using :

1) Window 7

2) Flight Simulator X


I start to fly again since March until yesterday.


I did nothing to any IVAO software including IVAP, MTL, but only yesterday, after connected to ivap a few second, a message pop up saying " Ivap - DLL Hoster stop working ".


I look for the answer in the website, re-install IVAP and download the latest version (IvAp for Microsoft Flight Simulator X, ivap-v2.0.2-b2773 ), right click ivap and install as a admin etc....same things happen.


Finally I format my PC, re-install window, re-install everything, and, still facing the same problem. " IVAP - DLL Hoster "


Please HELP !!!!!

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I use FSX gold with the Service Packs.

Windows 10

Almost the same, but with me, IVAP just shuts down and disappears of the screen. The FSX keeps working and receiving inputs from joystick and keyboard, but not clickable (mouse clicks) for some (several) seconds.

It begun a few days ago.

Also don't know the reason...

I have authorized the last Windows update, but it doesn't seems to be the reason, since I've runned FSX a few times afterwards.


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From : Diego Campos



I found that the last line of my log was sending the engine and IVAO time for my fsx.

I disabled the time engine in the IvAp configuration / weather / desmarquei to "enable weather engine" box and the problem disappeared.


I hope to have many ajuado here to get back to connect to the network, now in return I hope that developers help me get back in the IVAO time engine.



Disable time sync was not enought, but when I turn off the weather engine too it works

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