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About the 2018 Indianapolis 500 in FSX Simulation


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Watch the Indy 4 FSX Live Stream Simulation of the Indianapolis 500 starting at 12:19 EST.


You could also watch perhaps the live Indianapolis 500 and its simulation in Indy 4 FSX on two adjacent screens.


The virtual world of Indy 4 FSX is very much similar to the Indianapolis Race Park, but as an artist rendering, it is a little different in not being photo-real. It is instead Photo Surreal Scenery for FSX that provides a virtual world equivalent/interpretation to the Indianapolis Race Park.


There will be some major differences. Some of these are described in the following:


The Indy 500 typically includes up to 35 cars. In Indy 4 FSX, for 2018, 22 cars were tested and qualified.


For Indy 4 FSX's 500, 21 Cars have FS Recorder tracks, and the 22nd will be driving against them in the live stream -


Due to Indy 4 FSX being a virtual environment, there are no hard boundary points. Cars are capable of passing through other ones, and even through every thing else. In terms of driving accidents, as long as a car can recover with out pause, it can remain in the race.


Indy 500 Cars will top at 230 mph. Indy 4 FSX Cars top at 270+ mph depending on their models.


Pitt Stops are used for refueling. In Indy 4 FSX, there are 10 Pitt stops for the 200 laps. For each stop, there could be a 20-sec time out while resetting fuel to 100% -


No Indy 4 FSX cars have been animated yet - But its also not something that typically comes to mind when driving at 279 mph in simulation.

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