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NAV Lights 737


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Here's a better picture. had to re-do my red arrow! 2nd button from the left. Oh and if you hit the "L" button, it will turn on all the lights, and then "L" again will turn all the lights off




Usually, you don't have to mess with Nav lights, there is no single switch for them. You turn them on, if needed, by clicking on the "L" and then you would click on the button the red arrow points to and then de-selecting/turning off the lights you don't need! And, by the way, the landing lights are the opposite of the way they are shown, switch up to off position, landing lights are on, down they are off!

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Go to this link and download the updated VC for the 737-800. It will correct many things in the cockpit, including the landing lights switch position. There is no Nav light switch for the 737. The Nav wing lights seemed to be tied to the Logo light switch.



Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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