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Can anybody give me a list of the FS2002 default aircraft?


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There are two versions of FS2002.

The basic version has three Cessna's, the 172, 182, and the amphibian Carravan turboprop. There's also the Corsair and the Extra for props. For jets, there's the Lear 45, 737, 747, and 757, plus the Bell 206 helo.


FS2002 Pro adds the Piper Seminole, the land-based Carravan, and the King Air.


If you have the choice of buying either version, try to get "Pro". You also get other goodies like the BGL compiler.

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The first reply is proving to be a real head scratcher to me. For FS2002 Professional, you get the Beechcraft Baron 58, Beechcraft King Air, Bell 206 Helicopter, Boeing 737, 747, and 777; Cessna 172SP, 182RG, 182S, C208 Amphibian, C208B; Extra 300s, Learjet 45, Mooney Bravo, Schweizer 2-32 Glider, Sopwith Camel, and Vought Corsair.


Just wanted to add the list from a clean installation of FS2002 pro. I never recall a 757 or Piper Seminole. Of course, there are always the AI aircraft which are by default unflyable (unless you add the missing assets such as panel and sound, etc) which include the Dash 8, MD83, and Piper Cherokee 180.

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