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HELP re: file: fs9.exe for FS2004


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Hello and thank you in advance for reading this and for your help. I tried to find an answer here before posting as well as searching on the internet...without success. I know this topic has come up before and I"m sorry if the answer is right here but it has eluded me.


I correctly installed FS2004 on my HP desktop computer, running OS Windows 10.

When I click on the FS2004 icon it will NOT open (run) instead I am getting a message about file: fs9.exe and also to run the program as administrator (which I tried to no avail) I googled "fs9.exe " and found several sites where you can download a "patch" but when I click on download it directs me to other downloads I have zero interest in. One person said: Install disk 1, open files, fs.9exe will be in the GAME folder (but it isn't). can ANYBODY please help me find a source from where I can download the fs9.exe file and get myself up into the skies? by all mens post your replies here BUT if you would be so very kind as to e-mail me at: gamecopies@aol.com I would be very grateful. Also is there still a multiplayer option to meet and fly with other pilots? I used to do this with an older version of FS under the name "tr8flyboy" and met such nice "pilots" who taught me much. Warmest Wishes to All.

Tom :)

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Supposedly downloading the no-CD patch is piracy (or something) according to moderation on another website.... at least I was given crap for it and another user banned for leading me to use it.


It IS considered taboo to mention it on this website... however, that being said... this is the ONLY way to run it (FS2004) now in this day and age and with the current versions of Windows OS. So, I really do not see an issue anymore unless the moderators are going to force people to give up their beloved simulators.


I for one never intend to give up on FS2004. It is the most stable version in my opinion and can look really good these days with the advancements that have been made.


Also, be sure tr8flyboy that you have upgraded to the 9.1 version of FS2004 by downloading the FS2004 9.1 update file. Then download and install the FS9.1 noCD patch that applies to that version only. Best wishes. -Glenn

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Same here Glenn. I gave a shot to run FSX but went back to FS2004. With enhancements (Got 45GB) now it is spectacular. Also the selection of ad-on aircraft is terrific. And the patch? Use it for years and never heard about piracy?


Peter Bendl

ex. British Airways

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