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New Windows 7.1 AI aircraft no load into TTools?


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Hello fellow FS simmers,

My Windows XP is no more. I bought a new laptop(Acer) with Microsoft Windows 7 on. I recreated the drive exactly as my Windows XP system was. Final install was TTools with Ai install. It didn't work. It gave me a message as follows:

X(Red color) Fatal error during installation. Process is terminated(Red color)



Error number 124

Error message: Error(-805306369) During TTools decompilation. Please write down the TTools

message and send it along with this report if you need support.



Windows version: (6.2) Home EditionBuild-9200

Memory: -116

Current Drive Unit: C

Current directory C:\Program Files(x86)\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\Project


Drive Size(Total/Free) 980148023296/346374889472

Installer version: 2.50

Multiple Packages: No

Package installed: C:\Program Files(x86)\Microsoft Games\pai_installer_v25\PAI Install - 1Time



Ok Email eeror report to ProjectAi

TTools sees the Ai file in directory. TTools runs as normal, but when it gets to the compile section, the files on left are ot there?? window is blank. I hate this windows already!!


Thanks for your time,


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