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Airliners showing as GA


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I've been tweaking with my AI airliners and replaced the default with recognisable airlines.


They didn't show at first (I have my sliders as follows... Airliners-100% GA-0%). They then appeared when I moved the GA slider up, so therefore FSX thinks they are GA. This applies to all of my add-on AI airliners.


Its great now that they appear, but they're still parking on the GA ramp. There's a limited number of 747s and A380 you can get on a little GA ramp.


I added the line 'ATC_AIRLINE=' in the config, but to no avail.


Is there a setting I can change so that it knows they are airliners and not GA?



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The only difference i can see in the aircraft.cfg is :

For GA aircraft it's atc_parking_types=RAMP

And for a B737 or something it's atc_parking_types=GATE of for cargo's it's atc_parking_types=CARGO.

Test it for a B737 and a GA aircraft.


And if you don't want the push back trucks,i set it RAMP with the name of the company for example KLM.



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I added the line 'ATC_AIRLINE=' in the config, but to no avail.


Did you add anything after that or is it blank?


If there is no value for ATC_AIRLINE= then the AI will be treated as GA.



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