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Toncontin "toilet bowl" approach - How to find MELVO


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I'm trying to fly the famous toilet bowl approach into Toncontin. According to the approach profile everything is predicated on starting the arc at waypoint MELVO. How the heck do I find MELVO?


It's not shown in Skyvector, Plan-G or the 737-800's GPS approach options for MHTG.


Also how do I enter the additional TG017 thru 14 waypoints?


As a Newbie, am I missing something obvious? Do I get out the ruler and protractor and estimate it from the VOR?





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You could.

Or you could get a payware plane with an fmc that uses navigraph updates. That fmc will have all the waypoints in it so you can plan in that. Or will have the approach pre-programmed.

Pmdg comes to mind, maybe A2A, maybe there are more.

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Hi Davefr,


The waypoint MELVO is about 13,1 NM from the airport, take off from rwy 02 once airborne fly heading 010 , in a couple of minutes you are there!

I use FSTramp, I like it very much, here is the link http://fstramp.com/ it is a bit expensive, but I think you can find in the web places where you can get it cheaper! in the site you wil find a "Try before you buy" link.


Fly safe!



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