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Another one of those infamous MSFS mystery messages!!!


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On startup of FS9 I get this mysterious error message....


"The requested flight file is corrupt or can't be found.

Flight Simulator will now try to load the default flight."


Which "flight file" is it talking about? FS is obviously looking for something as it starts to load the program, but is there something called a "Flight File"? If I knew perhaps I could replace the missing/corrupt one from my backups, but I have no idea.


I've tried removing Flight Simulator files (all my saved flight scenarios) from "My Documents", with no effect; gone into Settings and unclicked lots of areas but that didn't seem to make a difference wither; and checked the aircraft listing against my master list which is stored separately, but no dice there either. Can't figure out what it means by "Flight File". Don't have a clue....'m stumped once again by this frequently irritating program!!


Anybody out there know what a "Flight File" is???


Also when it does finally open it doesn't go to the 'default flight' is opens up in settings and wants me to wither create a flight of make our up. Kinda goofy if you ask me.


Certainly could use some help.

JonB :confused:

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Flight files have the .flt extension and are created when you save a flight.


They are saved in your Documents folder.


There will also be a weather file with the same name and the .wx extension.


When you save a flight there is a check box to "make this your default flight".


Your default flight is stored in the FS9.cfg on the situation= line.


Your default flight is what you see in the Create a Flight screen.


When you first install FS9 the default flight is the C172 at KSEA.


You are getting that message because FS either cannot find the .flt file for your default flight or there is a problem with the file.


Either way, create a new default flight and the error message should stop being displayed.



the Bean

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Mystery solved!!!


Many thanks friend....it worked. I had taken an existing saved scenario and saved it as the default flight, but that didn't seem to satisfy FS9. So created one from scratch as you suggested, and that worked.


I'd have given up on this cantankerous FS9 long, long ago if it wasn't for the forum and guys like you helping me out. Many thanks for coming to my rescue once again!!


JonB :)

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