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CFS 2 issues after loading


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I am using a 64 bit win 7 PC trying to run CFS2 and CFS!. It loads cfs2 the intro plays but then the game stops there. It seems fine on a very old XP machine and very slow. Any ideas on how to get the CFS1,2,3 working on this Win 7 machine.

I also have a apple laptop high end but i don't think they make games for MACS. I see CFS3 is listed as usable in a MAC, i just wonder if that a nightmare coming.

One other issue if i click on the icon on screen to play iy has a shield in the middle of the game icon and gives me a message there is not an associated program to run the sim. Suggests i run in compatibility mode which i do but it wants me to run in administrator mode. I have no idea how to find out the o what t/ who the administrator is .... i goes it has to be me since i won all the PC's and my Apple .Whee can i find out what i li listed a s administrator?

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