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FSXDB.com Launches New Server - All Major Flight Simulators in Single Server


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Just Launched: FSXDB.com's Multiplayer Server


Hey all just launched my new FSXDB.com's Multiplayer Server...

Uses state of the art DafSim v10 Multiplayer Solution! Use your favorite flight simulator all on same server.


Supports These Flight Simulators

  • FSX
  • FS2004
  • FS2001
  • Prepared v2 and v1.x
  • X-Plane v10 and v9

Join Now at: fsxdbserver.azurewebsites.net



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Hmmmmm!...Now there's another new Multiplayer server that you are launching along side your DafSim server? Or is this all one thing? What's next? A new and improved whosywhammy that'll give us 1000FPS guaranteed?

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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