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Newest Pic of my Office.


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Very nice Crj, looks very similar to what I had 10 years ago. Here is a suggestion you and other fellow simmers may want to look into. This made a huge difference at the time, although not as realistic as what I have now, it really boosted the immersion a hundred folds. What I did back then, was that I took a cockpit picture (747) from the web (a decent high rez one) and in Photoshop I edited so that the outside measurements were semi-realistic, and i changed the windshield size to fit 2 32" TVs. Then I had a buddy of mine (any sign shop will do that) print it on styroplastic (as decal over styroplastic) overhead panel and all. Then I mounted it over the TVs, and bent the top of the windshield to simulate a overhead panel. Then I gradually added a few switches here and there. As I said, not even close to what I have now, but still very immersive and a lot of fun. The cost of the printing only 100 bucks. here is a picture. not too bad for a couple of hundred dollars. Cheers. Mark


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