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How can access the ATC window?


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FS2000 doesn't have ATC. That didn't arrive until FS2002. You would need to buy ProFlight 2000 in order to get ATC, which will be in the form of adventures. The old versions of Radar Contact could also do this, but I haven't been able to get a copy - even from the developer.


I've been actively flying FS2000 as well as all the other simulators for a video series that I've been working on, so I've been doing a lot of researching to find out what I can do to expand it. My problem is the graphics. It looks like absolute garbage - even FS98 looks better. There is a lot of color banding, especially in the sky. It looks slightly better when playing in Windows 7 with a modern graphics card. Since ProFlight 2000 doesn't work properly in W7, I've been playing it with W98 in VMware Workstation. It only has a basic SVGA driver, so unfortunately the graphics look even worse. The problem is that 3D Acceleration is not available -- not in VMware and not in W7 with a modern card. The only way I've been able to get it to work is within PCem (PC Emulator) using W98. As you would expect, the frame rate is horrible. The graphics look much better (still has banding; not as much), but it isn't very flyable. I can get a better framerate with Flight Simulator 2, and that was way before good framerates were possible.


I'm not sure what the problem is. I've seen screenshots of FS2000 that look really good.

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