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Improve your Photo scenery, in XP11, using transparency.


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Using Photo scenery with original XP11 road and autogen using transparency.


By using the transparency method the photo scenery roads and moving cars, can be viewed, show up, under the XP11 roads, and autogen which look very artificial, not as in real photo scenery.


To get the transparency scenery to work properly, view the actual photo scenery through the XP11 autogen and roads, you will need:

1-Must develop, generate, photo scenery tiles. You can use the Ortho4XP to do that.

2-Must develop, generate, the Overlays for that tile, Ortho4XP will also do that.

3-Copy the Tiles and the Overlays into your X:...\X-Plane 11\Custom Scenery.

4-Download "_Road_&_Autogen_textures-files_for_Photoscenery_1.0.2.zip", and "_Road_texture_for_Ortho-scenery.zip", can be found at XPlane.org, maybe others.

5-Folow the instructions for the installation from .txt file found in the .zip files. Basically you replace some of the textures from the original files with the new textures that allow the photo scenery to show up through the XP11 data, showing the photo scenery roads and moving cars.


You can improve further by using the: HD Scenery Mesh v4, simHeaven_VFR-Landmarks, MisterX_Library ...

Note: You must set the proper sequence / priority, in the ‘scenery_packs.ini’ file, otherwise you may not see the scenery / modifications. Some details below:

The order and thus the priority in the ‘scenery_packs.ini’ (you find it in ‘custom scenery’ folder) from top to bottom should be as follows (from local to global):

1. own and custom airports

2. original airports

(Aerosoft…, Global Airports …)

3. additional regional sceneries

(VFR-Addons like VFR-Objects, …)

4. additional continental w2xp sceneries (if installed)

(for outside Europe e.g. VFR-Landmarks, VFR-Aerials, Forests…)

5. w2xp sceneries (if installed)

(X-EUROPE, w2xp_America…)

6. libraries

(OpenSceneryX, FF_Library…)

7. overlay photo sceneries (if installed, you don’t need it for X-EUROPE)

(yOrtho4XP_Overlays if you are using Ortho4XP sceneries)

8. photo sceneries (if installed)

(generated with G2XPL Ortho4XP…)

9. mesh files (if installed)

(HD Scenery Mesh v4)


Edit: see post below on how to generate Photo scenery and other improvements for XP11.


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