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Saving Two Monitor Setup


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I run the VC on one monitor and various Instrument windows on the other, I takes a while to setup everytime, I've tried saving the flight but that does not save the setup, any suggestions would be appreciated.
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That's a surprise. Did you save as a "Flight" or under Flight Planner. I have several "Flights" saved, one per each aircraft I usually fly, and they are all set up for three monitors with GPS, RW weather, etc.


When I want to fly a specific aircraft, I call up the "Flight" associated with that aircraft, then designate the airport I want to use including runway or parking, plus the local time and season I choose, only then do I start the "Flight." Using that system everything is set up as I wish almost every time I fly.


One other point I didn't mention. Using the above mentioned method my left and right screens often initially have a smaller than screen size square which I have to manually click and drag to full screen-size. Which takes maybe five seconds per screen.



Good Luck,



Being an old chopper guy I usually fly low and slow.
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