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AH shows Ground Speed and not Airspeed


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Hello there,


since yesterday i have a problem with all airplanes on FSX, all planes show the speed of the plane in Ground Speed and not Airspeed, and this causes headaches for me while configurating the autopilot, The GPS-System shows ground speed so there is no reverse of both speeds.


I deleted the fsx.cfg but it didnt solve the problem so I am posting this topic hoping you can help me.

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Are you saying that the airspeed indicator is showing True Airspeed (TAS) instead of Indicated Airspeed (KIAS)?


In FSX/Settings/General there is a setting for either Barometric Pressure/U.S. Standard or Milibars/European Standard.


In Settings/Realism there are settings for showing True Airspeed and for KIAS.

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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