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Problem with Sydney YSSY by Auscene.


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In your settings do you have Scenery Complexity Slider at Extremely Dense, Level of Detail Radius=Large? Any other scenery sliders mentioned in the README of that scenery that need to be adjusted?


Did you also read the reviews by the 2 people that purchased it for FS9 and said it was terrible and the default scenery was better?

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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Ok I got it, it has to be added manually. Cool.


Yes I did read the reviews. I knew it wouldn't be of FSDT & Aerosoft standards, oh yes, but there was never a great YSSY scenery and I assume there is not going to be one until our hair turns grey. It's not too expensive, and this is the only option for me to fly my PMDG/iFly long rangers out of American west cost (one of the most preferred destinations that is).

Does look outdated like something from FS2002/early FS9 days.

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