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High Fuel Consumption - PMDG 744ER

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This has Me totally confused and lost.


Up until the other day I had absolutely ZERO problems with My PMDG 744ER (MINUS the fact that I don't have the livery for it I want...but that's in the process of being fixed).


Then at about 9am monday morning, the company that delivers power/maintains the lines around here unexpectedly shut off power to do some work....WHILE I was in the air. Was FINALLY back over Texas soil headed to DFW from Syndey. I'd JUST contacted Ft Worth Center when BAM....power is shut off. You can imagine the colorful words that came out of My mouth next.....


Hour or so later power comes back on, I go to re-do the flight (ALL My flights are tracked online so I have to start BACK at Sydney).


Everything seems fine though I notice it's sucking fuel a bit faster than normal. I was a bit south of Hawai'i, and the Insufficient Fuel Light comes on. FSX & the FMC both concur I have about 26% fuel left......


What's causing this? How do I fix it? I've tried a couple FSX Groups on FB but haven't gotten any helpful answers.....

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